Abstract (a quick Idle Hours intro)

2 Apr

Have you ever seen a shooting star and thought to yourself, did that really happen?

It just happened to me, about two minutes ago.  I’m sitting on my front porch at 5am, waiting for a second shooting star, wondering whether that streak of light that just tore across the sky at a million miles an hour was real or just a figment of my imagination.  I study that one small piece of sky, in complete silence, as if any noise might spook away the memory of something that has already passed me by.  I know I’m waiting for something that won’t happen again.

This happens to me almost everyday.  It may not be an actual shooting star, but a strong emotion, a crazy coincidence, a relationship that evolves and devolves in a heartbeat.  Our lives are filled with things that happen upon us and are gone just as quickly.  It’s so freaking hard to remember all of them.

Alfa and I describe our moments as best we can.  Our songs are our keepsakes.  We hope our music helps to remind you of a time when something or someone moved you.



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