About us.

Hi! We are The Idle Hours: two musician-songwriters who met at a Nashville dinner party one February day in 2011.

Alfa (Garcia) – a songwriter from NJ – was en route to Los Angeles to start a new life. Marc (Lacuesta) – an engineer/producer and longtime Nashvillian – happened to be at the right East Nasty party at the right time.

After bonding over music, wine, and silly conversation, we thought we’d try writing songs together. Sure, we both had our share of musical experiences tucked neatly under our belts. But the world of co-writing was new and exciting to both of us. And miraculously, we didn’t kill each other after writing our first song together. Months later, we are 7 songs in and recording our debut EP! Waahoo!

It might sound cheesy, but even though we are 2000 miles apart, music keeps us together. We write our songs for lots of reasons – to explore the things in life we wonder about, to make a melody that will get stuck in the listener’s head, to set a mood. But mostly, to try to package our collective thoughts into 3-4 minutes of musical goodness.

We get a lot out of what we write. We hope you will too.


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